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Ouertani Bilel

Bilel Ouertani is the Supply Chain Development and Localisation Manager for the Engineering, Procurement & Construction scope of EDF’s Dukovany 5 (Czech Republic) Nuclear Power Plant Offer and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Large Nuclear Power Plant project.

He joined the nuclear industry in 2012 with ORTEC Group as a Structural Engineer working on diverse projects regarding the French nuclear field and new build.

He joined EDF in 2015 as a Supplier Qualification Audit Manager with a portfolio of over 60 companies, including critical and major suppliers of the French nuclear fleet in on-site operations and manufacturing.

He managed the qualification audits at the suppliers’ premises to ensure that new subcontractors could provide services or goods with a required level of nuclear quality and safety standards. He also ensured the monitoring and evaluations of the qualified suppliers.

In September 2020, Bilel has been appointed Supply Chain Development and Localisation Manager for the Czech and Saudi projects, within EDF’s New Nuclear Projects & Engineering Division.

Before moving to France to study and pursue his career, Bilel was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and followed his education in the French International School of Riyadh. Bilel graduated in Mechanical Engineering from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris-Saclay (formerly ENS Cachan).

José L.M. Clemente


  • C.E. Civil Engineering, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • M.S. Civil Engineering, Duke University
  • Ph.D. Civil Engineering, Duke University


  • Registered Professional Engineer in Maryland and Louisiana
  • Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
  • Diplomate, Geotechnical Engineering, Academy of GeoProfessionals

José is the Geotechnical Engineering Manager for the Geotechnical & Hydraulic Engineering Services (G&HES) group. The geotechnical engineering group includes specialists responsible for subsurface investigations, earthwork and site development, shallow and deep foundation design, ground improvement, and construction support. These technical specialists support all GBUs on a centralized basis and are recognized industry experts. José also serves as the Deputy Corporate Manager of G&HES.

José has over 35 years of experience in geotechnical engineering practice and 5 years in academia. His geotechnical engineering practice includes functional man agement and technical roles on large engineering construction projects for commercial and government market sectors. José’s project experience includes fossil and nuclear power plants, government nuclear processing facilities, infrastructure and mining and metals processing facilities (copper concentrators, alumina refineries, and aluminum smelters). His technical expertise includes foundations, earthworks, slope stability, and soil improvement. José has worked on numerous commercial nuclear power plant licensing projects.

José’s technical specialty is geotechnical engineering. He has been an active participant in Bechtel’s technical excellence activities and has authored more than 60 professional publications and presentations on topics related to geotechnical engineering, including articles published in peer-reviewed journals, conference papers, conference presentations, and research reports. He has received 5 outstanding paper awards and received 5 technical grants. His technical grant report entitled “Risk Evaluation and Mitigation for Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls” established a road map for successful implementation of MSE walls, which was not previously available for Bechtel projects. José is currently the vice chair of ASCE’s Geo-Institute Soil Improvement Committee. He also serves on the Deep Foundation Institute Ground Improvement Committee.

Prior to his current role, José served as G&HES Chief Engineer for the M&M, Power, and NS&E GBUs. In those roles José provided functional management of G&HES and had technical responsibility for technical deliverables prepared by the group. José also served as Chair of the G&HES Discipline Workshop. Notable projects he has supported include Shoaiba, Vogtle Units 3 & 4 Early Site Permit, UPF, Antapaccay, Kitimat Modernization, and Yaruwn 2. He was selected as Bechtel Fellow in 2016.

Frantz Burgade

  • I’m Belonging to the Technical and Performance Nuclear Division of Bureau Veritas in charge of the conformity assessment of the French Regulation, Codes and Standards, Support of Foreign Country for the Application of the French Regulation, Comparison of Nuclear Regulations
  • More than 15 years sitting at the RCC-M Sub Committee
  • Editorial Leader of the section Welding an Manufacturing of the RCC-MRx code dedicated to the design and the Manufacturing Research Reactor (such as RJH Reactor in France)
  • Previously Responsible for the Welding Qualification of the Vacuum Vessel of Iter
  • 22 years experience in the following up of the main components for Nuclear reactors for French Submarines – Responsible for the relationship with the French Safety Authority

Loris Deschamps

Following studies on hypersonic aircraft in France and then in the United Kingdom, Loris started his career as an engineer in Formula One; initially in hybrid power unit development to then lead a multi-cultural team providing performance analysis and race support. After 7 years and as Brexit occurred, Loris moved back to France and engaged in the nuclear industry within EDF; which he had previously discovered during a student internship (EDF NPP near Bordeaux). Loris now offices as an EPR process engineer, delivering training to a large audience (from technicians to NPP deputy directors), about plant operations under normal, perturbated or incidental and accidental conditions. Loris also engages actively in international training sessions to promote the EDF EPR technology.

Sylvain Faure

Electrical engineer, I started my career in the Oil & Gaz industry as a project engineer and then as an expert, in charge of a wide scope of electrical equipment including High Power Variable Speed Drive, MV motors, Transformers, LV switchboards, … Then I joined Framatome/Edvance where I took the responsibility of the UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and the Battery contracts.

Etienne Gallitre

  • Chairman of French Mirror Group of Eurocode 0 (Basis of Design of Civil Structures)
  • Past Chairman of IAEA IGALL subgroup dedicated to Ageing Management of NPP civil structures
  • Past Deputy Chairman of RCC-CW Sub- Committee (Design and Construction Code for NPP civil structure)
  • Past head of EDF/SEPTEN civil structures division (design and re-assessment)
  • PHD on Caracterization of Civil Structures Damage in seismic situation
  • Pilot or Co-pilot of several OECD activities dedicated to NPP civil structures
  • Autor of many papers about engineering state of the art of NPP Design or Re-assemment civil structures

Guillaume Gautheron

I joined FRAMATOME in 2006 in the electromechanical section. I was in charge of the technical follow up of auxiliary pumps and reactor coolant pumps for OL3 project for 9 years. Nominated Expert for FRAMATOME in 2013, I was involved in technical/design topics dealing with the reactor coolant pumps and auxiliary pumps. Then, from 2018, I joined EDVANCE as a senior expert an thend group manager (30 engineers). Part of my activity, in addition to management, is to participate to technical task forces as an expert, to provide support on FA3 pump units commissioning activities and to ensure knowledge transfer to the team.

Jorge Juan González Nieto

Jorge Juan González Nieto – Born in Spain, more than 30 years of Qualification / Dedication experience. Mining Engineer and Senior Qualification Engineer in Tecnatom.

Participation in European Projects (PHARE and TACIS projects) in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, developing and giving support for the development of Equipment Qualification Programmes related to different types of equipment (cables, thermocouples, relays…).

Collaborations with IAEA workshops related to Equipment Qualification and Dedication in China, Bulgaria, Finland, Argentina…

Participation in working groups and development of guides and standards:

  • IAEA: „Safety/Standard. Equipment Qualification for Nuclear Installation. DS514”
  • IEC/IEEE Project. -IEC/IEEE 60780/323. „Harmonisation of both standards”
  • CEN/AFNOR – WS 064 Phase 3, PG 4, „Electrical Equipment” within phase 3 of  „Design and Construction Codes for Gen II, III and IV nuclear facilities”
  • IAEA: „Consultancy Meeting on Environmental Scan on International and National Standards for Design and Qualifications of Nuclear Equipment and Components”
  • IAEA: „Technical Meeting on the Use of Commercial Grade Products and Services in Nuclear Power Plants”

Participation in national and international Dedication projects in Tecnatom, related to electrical equipment, such as relays, coils, valves…

Haeng-Jin Kim

Over 40 years experience of working as a QA Manager, Mechanical Manager, Project Manager for responsible of performing construction, start-up, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting the NPP. I worked in KHNP Head Office, KORI NPP, WOLSUNG NPP, UCLCHIN NPP, KHNP CRI Center, I am currently seeking a competitive and challenging environment as a Radiation Protection at HANA NPE.

  • Date of Birth: 03/May/1961
  • Nationality: Republic of Korea
  • Education: Mechanical Engineering, D0NG A University – Mar 1980 to Feb 1983

Work expierence:

  • Feb 2022 to Present – HANA Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.
    Head of Overseas Director – UAE BNPP from Unit 1 to 4 regarding radiation protection, decontamination, and radioactive waste management with KHNP
  • Apr 2013 to Dec 2021 – Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (CRI, Central Research Institute)
    QA Team Manager – R&D QA, Oversea Nuclear Establishment Project QA, EQ/CGID QA, Supplier QA Audit, QA Inspection
    • Presented the topic IAEA National Workshop on Specifics of “Project Management QA for NPP Construction Phase” in CAIRO, EGYPT (2019)
    • KORI 1, WOLSUNG 1 NPP Decommissioning QA Program Establishment
    • APR 1400 US NRC DC (Design Certification) QA Program Establishment with DHIC, KEPCO AE/SD, KEPCO NF – Conducted and successfully responded to U.S. NRC QA inspections on behalf of Korean companies
    • APR 1000 EUR DC (Design Certification) QA Program Establishment with DHIC, KEPCO AE/SD, KEPCO NF
    • SMR (Small Modular Reactor) DC QA Program Establishment with KAERI 
    • IAEA IMS GSR Part2 QA Program Establishment with SCK Belgium, DHIC, KEPCO AE/SD, KEPCO NF
    • Participated in IAEA National Workshop on “Specifics of Project Management for NPP Construction Phase” & 4 subjects speaking (2019, Cairo, Egypt) – Quality Assurance Program in KHNP, Lessons Learned and Improvements from Quality Inspection, IMS vs ASME NQA-1, Quality Qualification Evaluation for Supplier
    • Participated in QA audit and QA Inspection for NUPIC Membership duty (Westing House, ABB, PaR Nuclear, Inc. & 5 Suppliers in USA).
    • Participated in QA audit and QA Inspection for NRC DC Project DHIC, KEPCO AE/SD, KEPCO NF & 20 Suppliers in Korea.
    • KHNP EQ/CGID QA Program Establishment & Qualification Evaluation for Supplier
    • KHNP CRI EQ/CGID Performance Verification Agency Registration and Program Establishment Management to Maintain Eligibility
    • R&D QA Program Establishment & Review for KHNP CRI & Suppliers
    • Participated in KEPIC Committee member of Decommissioning QA Program & Instructor (2018 – 2020)
    • Participated in KEPIC NPP QA, CGID/EQ Course, Decommissioning QA Program Instructor (2016 – 2021)
    • Participated in KAIF QA Instructor for NPP QA Program (2020 – 2021)
  • Feb 2003 to Mar 2013 – Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (HQ QA Office)
    QA Team Manager – NPP Operation QA, Supplier QA Audit, QA Inspection, Suppliers Qualifying
    • KHNP YGN 5,6, UCN 5,6 QA Operation License Obtain approval from regulatory authorities.
    • Nuclear Code & Standard System Management
    • KOREA Nuclear Industry QA Grade Completed changing project from Q,T,R,S(4Grads) to Q,A,S(3 Grades) with HANVIT POWER CO.
    • Power Plants Operation QA Program Review & Improvement for Korea Atomic Law
    • Evaluation and registration management of nuclear qualified companies in Domestic and Overseas
    • KHNP Power Plants Operation QA Program Review & Improvement for Korea Atomic Law
    • Evaluation and registration management of nuclear qualified companies in Domestic and Oversea
    • Participated in NUPIC QA audit Westing House, AREVA & 20 Suppliers in USA, France, Swiss  
    • Participated in QA audit and QA Inspection DHIC, HDHI & 50 Suppliers in KOREA
    • Participated in KEPIC QA Instructor for NPP QA Program (2003 – 2013)
  • Aug 1996 to Mar 2003 – Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd (Ulchin NPP)
    QA/Mech Section Manager – NPP Operation QA, Supplier QA Audit, QA Inspection/NSSS Maintenance
    • KHNP Ulchin NPP Unit 3,4 Operation QA Program Review & Improvement for QAM
    • Participated in QA audit and QA Inspection KHNP & Suppliers for Ulchin Project
    • NPP Overall Outage QA Management Program Review & Improvement of plant maintenance activities
    • Ulchin NPP Unit 3,4 QA Manual, Procedures Establishment and Revised
    • Review and adjust the maintenance Procedures
    • Ulchin NPP Unit 3,4 NSSS System Machinal maintenance (RX, SG, RCP, FH Sys)
    • Ulchin NPP Unit 3,4 First Core Loading and FH System Commissioning
  • May 1982 to Jul 1996 – Korea Electric Power Co, (KORI NPP)
    Mech Section Seniors – NPP NSSS Maintenance
    • KORI NPP Unit 1,2 NSSS System Machinal maintenance (RX, SG, RCP, FH Sys, Emer D/G))
    • KORI NPP Unit 1,2 OH & NSSS Equipment Replace & maintenance (SG, RCP, FH Sys)
    • KORI NPP Unit 1,2 OH Schedule, Manpower, budget management
    • Wolsung NPP Unit 1 First Core Loading and FH System Commissioning
    • KORI NPP Unit 5,6 Construction Project Control, Schedule, Manpower management
    • Experienced in working at Hanul NPP Unit #1~6
    • Perform outages, surveillance, and work permit issuance
    • Responsible for MCR operation, Tests (fuel loading, post core HFT, and power ascension) and maintenance

Trainning & Certifcation

  • SEOUL National University CEPM (Certification Project Manager) Course (Completion of Training)
  • KOREA University AMQP (Advance Management Quality Program) Course (Completion of Training)
  • KSA (KOREA Standard Association) e-Tech CEO Course (Completion of Training)
  • KORI 1 NPP Decommissioning QA Program Course Completion of Training (SPAIN WH)
  • IAEA GSR PART 2 QA Program Development Course Completion of Training (BELGIUM, SCK)
  • EUROPE NPP Decommissioning Program Course Completion of Training (GERMANY, AHEN)
  • EQ/CGID Process Development & QA Program Course Completion of Training (USA, IGS)
  • KNP NSSS/TBN sys OJP Course Completion of Training (USA, WH/GE)
  • QA Lead auditor & Inspector Certificates issued by KHNP

David Holler

David Holler is a commercial nuclear energy professional with over 40 years diversified experience in several environments, including nuclear facility construction and operations, design certification and licensing projects and engineering services organizations. Mr. Holler has served in various roles including QA Program Manager, Supplier Quality Engineer, Lead Auditor, Procurement Engineer, QC Inspector, and QA program development and consulting. He has provided nuclear QA support and consulting services for both domestic and foreign organizations including those engaged or based in Europe and Asia. Mr. Holler has served as a volunteer member of ASME NQA Subcommittees for Assessment and Verification, and for International Activities.

Sean J. Jones

Mr. Jones is a Senior Director for Westinghouse in the nuclear engineering and power industry.  He is currently the Procurement Director supporting the new AP1000 Nuclear Power Plant globally. He also supports new supplier development programs for the supply to new nuclear reactors in the Ukraine, India, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  In his career, he has supported global clients in developing new suppliers in the Nuclear industry.  He has led teams that have delivered equipment and engineered materials valued at over $10 Billion in his career in locations in China and the United States. 

Mr. Jones and his teams provide an integrated set of procurement services for these clients including program management, engineering, quality, project controls and data management.  He has personally supported several clients in leading the localization and development of new procurement sources.  Marquee projects include services for the four AP1000® operating plants in China as well as the two AP1000 ® units in construction and commissioning in the United States.

Mr. Jones has over 20 years of programs, projects, business, operations and engineering experience in the Nuclear & Aviation industries.  In his career he has worked on long-term assignments in China.  He started his career as a U.S. Marine operating helicopters in various global theaters.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Pittsburgh.

Boris Marquois

Civil Engineer since 2007, working in the nuclear industry in France:

  • 2 years on site on an existing Nuclear Power Plant for assessment of civil structures and maintenance works.
  • 3 years in civil studies office for the EPR Taishan Project working on anchorages and reinforcement calculations.
  • 3 years in design office as civil engineering pilot for HL Buildings of EPR Hinkley Point Project.
  • 7 years as referent engineer for anchorages and reinforcements topics in EDF-DI laboratory (AFCEN Code writing, participation to working groups for NF and EN standards, EDF Construction specifications writing, etc…)

International Welding Engineer (IWE) since 2022.


Dr inż. Jacek Magiera – Dr nauk technicznych w zakresie mechaniki komputerowej (WIL PK), absolwent kierunku Podstawowe Problemy Techniki na WM PK, adiunkt w Katedrze Technologii Informatycznych w Inżynierii WIL PK, inicjator i współtwórca specjalności BIM na II stopniu studiów magisterskich na WIL PK. Współtwórca studiów podyplomowych i wykładowca na studiach podyplomowych: „Koordynator BIM” (PK 2018-19), „Nowoczesne zarządzanie inwestycjami budowlanym – BIM Manager” (WSB Poznań 2017-2022; WSB Warszawa 2019-2022),  „Technologia BIM w projektowaniu i realizacji inwestycji budowlanych” w Filii Politechniki Warszawskiej w Płocku (2019-2020). Wykładowca studiów podyplomowych BIM na AGH (od 2019) i Politechnice Warszawskiej (2019-2022), wspólnego kursu BIM San Diego University i Politechniki Krakowskiej dla studentów i pracowników naukowych z Uniwersytetu w Kandaharze, w Afganistanie (2010).

Członek V4 BIM Task Group (szef Zespołu Science-Research-Development), Członek Komitetu Sterującego ITB w zadaniu „Uwarunkowania wdrożenia BIM w system zamówień publicznych w Polsce”, ekspert Komitetu BIM przy PZITB, Przewodniczący Rady Programowej Fundacji Europejskie Centrum Certyfikacji BIM, Przewodniczący Międzyuczelnianej Komisji ds. Podstaw Programowych BIM na I stopniu Studiów Inżynierskich na Krajowych Uczelniach Technicznych, Ekspert Grupy Roboczej ds. BIM przy Ministrze Rozwoju i Technologii, Komitetu Technicznego Cyfryzacji przy Ministerstwie Infrastruktury i Polskim Kongresie Drogowym, Grupy Roboczej ds. Kodeksu Dobrych Praktyk w Izbie Gospodarczej Gazownictwa. Konsultant i/lub audytor metodyki BIM w kliku projektach publicznych BIM w Polsce po stronie zamawiającego, m.in Pracowni Przewrotu Kopernikańskiego CNK (2016), Małopolskiego Centrum Nauki (2018), projektu pilotażowego GDDKiA budowy obwodnicy Zatora (2019-2022), studium wykonalności metra w Krakowie.

Frédéric Mazallon

Frédéric Mazallon studied economics at the University of Paris Dauphine (PhD) and Poitiers, political science and public law at the University of Lyon.  

He has done economic research for the University, for several companies and for professional and international organizations.

He has developed business and projects in the field of information on major environmental issues.   He has worked for EDF for more than 20 years and has held various positions in general services, nuclear fuel cycle management, relations with the French Administration and IAEA, nuclear new build projects at the international level

Nair Navnith

Navnith Nair is the Supply Chain Development and Localisation Manager for the engineering & procurement scope of EDF’s Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant Offer.

He joined the nuclear industry in 2011 with AREVA, as part of its managing training program and started working in the back-end business group and was in charge of operational performance of its dismantling and services business unit (now Orano DS).

He was then part of the initial core team responsible for setting up the Basic Design phase of what later became the EPR2 project. After a first mission as Project Management Office Manager where he was instrumental in setting up the foundation of the project, he subsequently joined the EPR2 Directorate within the New Nuclear Projects & Engineering Division at its inception.

As part of the Design Integration and Control management team, he played a key role in redefining engineering processes of EPR2 and led the implementation and full-scale deployment of its Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system from start to end.

In December 2020, Navnith was appointed Supply Chain Development and Localisation Manager for the JNPP project, within EDF New Nuclear Projects & Engineering Division.

Before joining the French nuclear industry, Navnith has lived in India for over 15 years. Navnith graduated in Mechanical Engineering from École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts et Métiers (ENSAM), France and holds a Masters’ Research in Nuclear Fusion from Aix-Marseille University/INSTN, France. He is 38 years old, married, and an avid traveller.

James Nygaard

Discipline:   Mechanical, Nuclear and Systems

Specialty & Category: 

  • ASME BPVC III Mechanical Specs. & Nuclear Sys. Design
  • Buried and Underground Piping
  • ASME BPVC XI Inservice Inspection
  • ASME B31.1 & B31.3 Piping Codes

Qualifications & Certifications:

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering/Nuclear Eng minor, Virginia Tech
  • Registered P.E. and Bechtel ERC: Kansas, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Wisconsin
  • NRC Licensed Reactor Operator, Virginia Tech Nuclear Research Reactor Laboratory
  • Naval Sea Systems Command Licensed Shift Test Engineer, S6G and A4W propulsion plants

Years Experience:   41 years (35 years with Bechtel)

Code Committees & Other Memberships:

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI Committee Member:
  • BPVC XI Standards Committee
  • Inspection of Systems and Components
  • Water-Cooled Systems (Secretary)
  • ANS Member
  • Former ASME Nat’l Member Interests Comm.
  • Former ASME Region VII Operating Board
  • Former ASME Section Chairman
  • Former AAES Eng. Workforce Commission (ASME Board of Governors’ Appointment), two 3-year terms


Mr. Nygaard is the lead Mechanical Engineering Specialist on the Chief Mechanical & Systems Engineer’s technical staff.  He provides technical guidance and reviews for several hundred Mechanical Engineers assigned to Bechtel’s Reston NS&E office and at project jobsites. His field experience and background in startup and operations afford a well-rounded approach to help assure the design supports a facility’s life cycle needs.  He has 23 years of experience in commercial, military and research nuclear reactors, spread over nuclear facility systems’ design (calcs, specs, drawings, etc.), licensing applications, construction, startup, warranty and operational phases.  He also has 10 years of fossil power plant experience and 2 years of transportation (Boston CA/T) experience in similar project engineering lifecycle tasks.  For six additional years, he worked on large government facilities, including Department of Energy jobs ranging from production of fissile materials to permanent disposal of cold war nuclear wastes, Department of Defense jobs with Navy, Air Force, Space Force and Army, as well as NASA.

In addition to the role of technical advisor/reviewer, he is actively involved in nuclear power plant inservice inspection requirements of both ASME B&PV Section XI and the ASME OM Code.  Mr. Nygaard has provided registered professional engineer sealing of many ASME III design specifications, as well as advice for ASME NQA-1, QA Requirements for Nuclear Facility Applications.  He is also the corporate Engineer in Responsible Charge for practice of engineering in several states.  He has also prepared material for Bechtel’s ASME nuclear certification renewals, reviewed many environmental and other hazards assessments, and reviewed several American Nuclear Society standards.

Sarah Ohler-Schmitz

Sarah Ohler-Schmitz is a Principal Engineer for Westinghouse’s Structural Steel, Embed & Architectural Engineering team. She has a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Southern Illinois University and is a licensed Professional Engineer in Alabama and Pennsylvania. She has been with Westinghouse since 2010. Sarah has worked on design and delivery of the AP1000 Nuclear Island for both China and US plants. Sarah is a member of American Society of Civil Engineers, Women in Nuclear and a contributing member for ASME BPV III/Div II Design Group.


Dr inż. Tomasz Piotrowski – adiunkt na Wydziale Inżynierii Lądowej Politechniki Warszawskiej. Wieloletni członek Mazowieckiej Okręgowej Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa oraz Polskiej Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa. Od 2018 roku członek Prezydium Krajowej Rady PIIB oraz Z-ca Sekretarza Krajowej Rady PIIB.

Autor i współautor szeregu opinii, ekspertyz i prac badawczych z dziedziny inżynierii materiałów budowlanych, diagnostyki, a także technologii i organizacji robót budowlanych,  w tym także związanej z infrastruktura jądrową, budową elektrowni jądrowych. Uczestnik 3-miesiecznego specjalistycznego kursu „Nuclear Engineering” w INSTN w Saclay we Francji. Do najistotniejszych osiągnięć Dr inż. Tomasz Piotrowski w zakresie prac z infrastruktury jądrowej można m.in. zaliczyć:

  • Opracowanie i optymalizacja dla Zakładu Unieszkodliwiania Odpadów Promieniotwórczych (ZUOP) składu zaprawy cementowej do zestalania odpadów promieniotwórczych oraz składu mieszkanki betonowej służącej do zalewania bębnów i kontenerów z ciekłymi odpadami promieniotwórczymi,
  • Udział jako wykonawca w projekcie „Technologie wspomagające rozwój bezpiecznej energetyki jądrowej, zadanie badawcze nr 5 pt. Analiza możliwości i kryteriów udziału polskiego przemysłu w rozwoju energetyki jądrowej w latach 2011-2013,
  • Udział w pracach PolNuclear BCC w ramach CEN Workshop CEN WS 64 Phase 2 – Design and Construction Codes for Gen II to IV nuclear facilities (pilot case for process for evolution of AFCEN codes), którego głownym celem jest europeizacja kodów AFCEN –  standardów dotyczących planowania, budowy i eksploatacji elektrowni jądrowych,
  • Kierowanie projektem Nowej generacji beton osłonowy przed promieniowaniem jonizującym, NGS-Concrete, 2013-2016, NCBiR – IV edycja programu Lider,
  • Nagroda indywidualna stopnia III Rektora Politechniki Warszawskiej za osiągnięcia naukowe w latach 2012-2013 za opracowanie metody oceny właściwości osłonowych betonów przed promieniowaniem jonizującym opartej na symulacjach komputerowych przeprowadzanych metodą Monte Carlo oraz zastosowanie jej do optymalizacji materiałowej kompozytów budowlanych,
  • Opracowanie na zlecenie Ministerstwa Energii publikacji – Wytyczne wspomagające działania przedsiębiorstw krajowych w budownictwie elektrowni jądrowych. Konstrukcje z betonu w obiektach energetyki jądrowej/Concrete Structures in Nuclear Power Plants.
  • Współpracę z Narodowym Centrum Badań Jądrowych (NCBJ) w Świerku. Zaprojektowanie i technologiczne wdrożenie programu badań diagnostyki okresowej konstrukcji betonowych Reaktora MARIA w ramach Programu Zarzadzania Procesami Starzenia wraz z opracowaniem „Procedury zarządzania procesem starzenia konstrukcji betonowych Reaktora MARIA” oraz programu badań „Diagnostyki okresowej konstrukcji betonowych Reaktora MARIA w ramach Programu Zarzadzania Procesami Starzenia”. Opracowane procedury oraz wyniki badań okresowych stanowiły istotną część zatwierdzonego przez Prezesa PAA raportu z okresowej oceny bezpieczeństwa (PSR, z ang. Periodic Safety Review) reaktora badawczego Maria. Procedury są cały czas stosowane do monitoringu konstrukcji betonowych reaktora tak, aby obiekt mógł bezpiecznie funkcjonować po upływie obecnych pozwoleń.

Dodatkowo Dr inż. Tomasz Piotrowski od kilku lat jest zaangażowany w działania związane z wdrażaniem metodyki Building Information Modeling (BIM), m.in. Jako współautor opracowania „Strategia Polskiej Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa w zakresie wdrażania BIM, miejsca i roli Izby w tym procesie oraz wskazania sposobów realizacji tej strategii”, Przewodniczący Grupy Roboczej do spraw BIM Ministerstwo Rozwoju i Technologii oraz przewodniczący Komisji ds. BIM i cyfryzacji w budownictwie w MOIIB.


Dr inż. Piotr Prochoń – adiunkt na Wydziale Inżynierii Lądowej Politechniki Warszawskiej. Tytuł doktora uzyskał w ramach podwójnego doktoratu na Uniwersytecie w Liège oraz Politechnice Warszawskiej. Członek Mazowieckiej Okręgowej Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa wybrany w kadencji 2022-2026 na Delegata Krajowego Polskiej Izby Inżynierów Budownictwa oraz Sędziego Mazowieckiego Okręgowego Sądu Dyscyplinarnego. Specjalista z zakresu szeroko rozumianej technologii kompozytów polimerowych i materiałów aktywowanych alkalicznie. Zajmuje się diagnostyką konstrukcji z betonu, w tym również z wykorzystaniem technik nieniszczących i termowizyjnych. Współautor publikacji naukowo-technicznych z zakresu materiałów alternatywnych, osłonowych i badań metodami nieniszczącymi. Autor lub współautor ekspertyz i opinii technicznych, głównie z zakresu diagnostyki i efektów starzenia się konstrukcji betonowych. Członek zespołu wykonawczego projektu NCBR Lider Nowej generacji beton osłonowy przed promieniowaniem jonizującym oraz zespołu opracowującego na zlecenie Ministerstwa Energii publikacji – Wytyczne wspomagające działania przedsiębiorstw krajowych w budownictwie elektrowni jądrowych. Konstrukcje z betonu w obiektach energetyki jądrowej. W ramach współpracy z Narodowym Centrum Badań Jądrowych (NCBJ) w Świerku uczestniczył w opracowaniu i wdrożenie programu badań diagnostyki okresowej konstrukcji betonowych Reaktora MARIA w ramach Programu Zarzadzania Procesami Starzenia wraz z opracowaniem „Procedury zarządzania procesem starzenia konstrukcji betonowych Reaktora MARIA”.

Kierownik projektów badawczych finansowanych z Narodowego Centrum Nauki oraz Narodowego centrum Badań i Rozwoju, w tym projektu NCBR Lider – zaprawy do szczególnych zastosowań osłonowych w budownictwie.

Tamer Rezk

Discipline:   Nuclear Quality Assurance

Specialty & Category: 

  • NQA-1 Quality Assurance Requirements for Facility Applications
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III General Requirements for Division 1 and Division 2
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI General Requirements for Rules of Inspection if Nuclear Power Plant Components
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Qualifications & Certifications:

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering
  • Certified NQA-1 / ANSI N45.2 Nuclear Lead Auditor
  • Certified Quality Auditor, American Society of Quality
  • Certified Manage of Quality / Organizational Excellence, American Society of Quality

Years Experience:   20 years (9 years with Bechtel)

Code Committees & Other Memberships:

  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section III Committee Member:
  • BPVC III, Working Group General Requirements
  • ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section XI Committee Member:
  • BPVC XI, Working Group General Requirements
  • Committee on Nuclear Certification
  • NQA-1 Committee Member:
  • Subcommittee on  Engineering and Procurement Processes
  • Interpretation Sub-working Group (Secretary)


Tamer Rezk  received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt. He has 20 years of nuclear construction and manufacturing experience. He is currently the Project Quality Manager for Bechtel Power Corporation at Vogtle Units 3& 4 Construction Project at Waynesboro, GA, USA. He was previously involved with other USA Nuclear projects such as Calvert Cliffs US EPR , Watts Bar Unit 2 construction completion and AP1000 at VC Summer. also held previous positions as the Manager of Quality Assurance and Audit Manager for Bechtel Power Corporation.

Tamer serves as member on multiple subcommittees for the American Society of Mechanical Engineering, that develop the standards and guidance related to nuclear quality assurance, including ASME Section III – General Requirements, ASME Section XI – General Requirements, NQA-1 Engineering and Procurement Processes, and Committee on Nuclear Certification. He is also the Secretary of NQA-1 Interpretation Sub-working Group. He was also a member of the EPRI1 Technical Advisory Group, involved with the draft and technical review of EPRI guideline for detection of counterfeit and fraudulent items.

Tamer is a Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence by the American Society of Quality, and an NQA-1 Certified Lead Auditor.

Laurent Riou

I am graduated from Paris6/ENS-Cachan (Master in mechanics) in 2000, and ESEM (Mechanical Engineering degree) in 2002. I start my professional life on the automotive powertrain at VALEO, Renault SA and IFP school for 5 years.

Then, I work 2 years in the Oil&Gaz fields (GRTgaz / Jacobs Serete) on the technical follow up of rotating equipment supply (Compressors, pumps, diesel generators, crane…), before joining the pump team of FRAMATOME in 2009. I am currently posted in Edvance as HPC pump Team Leader. I am appointed Expert by FRAMATOME in 2021.

Marko Šegula

  • Birth year: 1979
  • Citizenship: Slovenian
  • Education: University of Ljubljana – Faculty of electrical engineering, study of telecommunications; graduated in 2005; B.Sc.E.E.
  • Languages: Slovenian (native), English (fluent), German (fluent), Russian (conversational)
  • Current positions: Electrical design engineer / QA Lead / IT Engineer

History of employment:

  • since 2005 – SIPRO inženiring d.o.o., Krško
  • up to 2005 – MAT d.o.o., Ljubljana
  • 2003, 2004 – Litostroj EI, Ljubljana.

Fields of work:

  • Development of electrical designs for process automation, security systems, data acquisition systems and communication networks. Supporting designs by data analyses, installation instructions, testing instructions and AutoCad drafted drawings.
  • Development of Sipro quality assurance system. Development of documentation for the quality assurance system. Lead auditor for ISO 9001, 14001 and 10 CFR 50
    Appendix B audits. Conduction of QA reviews and external audits.
  • Development and use of databases by means of application of SQL. Automation of MS Office and Autodesk AutoCad software using VBA language.
  • Maintaining Sipro internal computer network. Deployment of Windows 2003, 2008 and 2018 servers. Deployment of Microsoft 2003 and migration to 2016 Exchange Email server. Up rating of Sipro internal computer network to 1 Gbit speed and introduction of fiber optic internet.
  • Supporting and leading of project work, Sipro project related quality assurance activities. Advancement of QMS system to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

Aurore Soumet

Qualification engineer on multiple projects such as Iter and CCL. Auditor and trainer using nuclear requirements RCC-E and ISO 19443

Iosif F. Szabo

Iosif F. Szabo is a Senior Structural Engineer with Westinghouse’s Balance of Plant Design and Modular Fabrication Support team and has supported the engineering, procurement and construction of the AP1000 US Domestic Plants since 2011.

Iosif holds a B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering from the ‘Politehnica’ University of Timisoara, Romania, and has twenty five years of structural engineering experience with the last fifteen years focused on design and betterment of electrical power generation plants. He is a Licensed Structural Engineer (S.E.) in Nebraska, and Registered Professional Engineer (P.E.) in Montana and North Carolina.

Iosif is a professional member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and he is active with the American Institute of Steel Construction’s (AISC) Technical Committee 11 on Nuclear Facilities Design.

Gérard Tailhan

52 years old – Engineer in power electronics, electrotechnics, automatics.

Between 1995 and 2010 I worked in electrical engineering for 5 different companies in various industrial fields (cement plant, power electronics for metallurgy, electrolysis of aluminium, gas compressor, electrical substation for tramways). Since 2010 I have been working for EDF. At first between 2010 and 2018, I worked for the maintenance department of the French nuclear plants, mainly on batteries and electrical protections. Then since 2018 I have been working in the engineering department for the new nuclear plants, especially on the electrical aspects of EPR2 project.

Marek Tengler

Marek Tengler has more than 24 years expertise of equipment qualification and safety adequacy verification nuclear and critical infrastructure facilities for service events and external hazards.

Marek cooperates on nuclear project s in Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, Switzerland and South Korea.

He focuses on consulting services related to environmental, seismic and EMC equipment qualification for safety related nuclear power plant systems and issues of their margin assessment against design extended conditions (DEC).

He manages several development projects for new generation of heavy robust design equipment components for advanced nuclear technology (HUAD-SMR) as is: cabling systems (optometalic hybrids), penetration assemblies (EPA), modular I&C cabinets, radiation monitoring systems.

He participates as external experts on IAEA missions related to the verification, trainings, and guides development for the safety adequacy of nuclear facilities structures, systems and components, and the environmental qualification of their equipment.

He is a member of the professional working group – IEEE NPEC, ICAP (CASC), IEC, ASI and CISSA. He particularly participated in development of guides and standards:

  • IEEE/IEC: NPEC SC WG 2.5, IEEE/IEC 60980-344-2020 „IEEE/IEC International Standard – Nuclear facilities – Equipment important to safety – Seismic qualification”
  • IEEE/IEC: NPEC SC WG 2.1, IEEE/IEC 60780-323-2016 „IEEE Standard for Qualifying Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations”
  • IEEE/IEC: IEEE/IEC 62582 “Series Nuclear Power Plants – Instrumentation and Control Important to Safety – Electrical Equipment Condition Monitoring Methods”

Selena Willoughby-Braun

Selena Willoughby-Braun is a Fellow Engineer for Westinghouse’s ASME Programs & Auxiliary Equipment team. She has both a B.S. and M.Eng. in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and was a licensed Senior Reactor Operator at the university’s research reactor. She has been with Westinghouse since 2009. Selena has worked on design, fabrication and testing of the AP1000 ASME Section III mechanical equipment and systems. Selena is the secretary for ASME Section III’s Working Group on Pressure Vessel design and is a member of the Subgroup on Component Design.

Xavier Verdier

As a Graduate Engineer in Civil Works, 1989-INSA (National Institute of Applied Sciences), Xavier VERDIER joined the Bouygues group in 1989 and specialized in Nuclear works: first he has worked in La Hague for 10 years (ORANO projects), then all over France for EDF, CEA, ORANO and for international nuclear projects (Chernobyl, …), on engineering, construction, decommissioning and deconstruction projects. Then he joined the International Department of Bouygues and he has a large experience for developing international civil works projects (in Africa, Europe, Egypt and Middle-East, …).He’s currently the Director in charge of the Business Line “Nuclear New Build” for the sales & business development worldwide.

Guillaume Zammout

  • Chairman of RCC-CW Sub- Committee (Design and Construction Code for NPP civil structure)
  • Expert N4 in concrete material for EDF : mix design, pathologies, placement, testing…
  • Former Head of Cementitious Materials and Testing Division in EDF/Industrial Division
  • Former Head of Concrete and Geotechnics Division in EDF/Cemete Laboratory
  • 20 years of significant experience in civil works for EDF projects, including operational assistance for concrete quality in projects under construction (Flamanville 3, Hinkley Point Project, Nam Theun 2 in Lao, and Rizzanese Hydraulic Projects) or existing fleet.
  • Former member of AFNOR P18B Committee (concrete standardization)